International Customers


Prices, taxes and shipping

All prices for our international store are displayed in USD. Please note that our prices are not inclusive of any possible taxes or fees. This is for the customer’s account, and payment of any possible fees will be arranged by the customer and the shipping company, whom will reach out close to delivery. Should these fees fail to be paid, the customer is responsible for any fees which may incur from the parcel being shipped back to us.

We are aware that international shipping can be very costly. To assist, we also offer the option (for those wishing to purchase multiple books) to purchase a 2 book box set version. This means that two (of the same) books will come packaged in one box, which is significantly cheaper than two separate boxes.

International Payments

We offer PayPal as a checkout method for international customers. On the international store, all prices are displayed in USD, including on the checkout page. Customers will also have the ability to checkout without a PayPal account, as a guest.

Please note: We are only able to offer PayPal as an international payment method, due to certain restrictions as a South African company. However, we are actively working on making more payment options available.