Does The Book Cove have a subscription service?

No, not at the moment. Books are first come, first serve when pre-orders open. We may offer a subscription service in the future!

What genre’s does The Book Cove offer?

Currently, only romantasy. However, there are plans for a romance selection as well- coming soon.

Does The Book Cove ship internationally?

We ship to many countries worldwide! There is a shipping rates page where you can check if we ship to your country.

What makes a special edition different from the original book?

The Book Cove special editions will have features such as redesigned hardcovers, sprayed edges, gorgeous foiling details and illustrated end pages! This isn’t an exhaustive list, and different books will have different features.

Will the books be signed?

As many of our authors are international, the books cannot be signed in person. We will, however, try our best to have signed book plates or tip in sheets.

Will The Book Cove be having special editions from indie authors, as well as published authors?

Yes, both!

Will The Book Cove feature South African authors?

Absolutely, international and South African authors.

Can I return the book if I don’t like it?

No, please only purchase the book if you really want it.

How can I become a representative or ambassador?

We will host rep and ambassador searches on our social media pages! Please check in for those.

When after pre-ordering will I receive my books?

It can take anywhere from 8-14 weeks due to production and shipping. We will usually include in the pre-order posts and product pages when shipping can be expected.